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Module 1. Introduction

Module 2. Manage Azure AD objects

  • create users and groups
  • manage user and group properties
  • manage device settings
  • perform bulk user updates
  • manage guest accounts
  • configure Azure AD Join
  • configure self-service password reset

Module 3. Manage role-based access control (RBAC)

  • create a custom role
  • Provide access to Azure resources by assigning roles
    1. resource groups
    2. resources (VM, disk, etc.)
  • interpret access assignments
  • manage multiple directories

Module 4. Manage subscriptions and governance

  • configure Azure policies
  • configure resource locks
  • apply tags
  • manage subscriptions
  • configure Cost Management
  • configure management groups

Module 5. Manage storage accounts

  • configure network access to storage accounts
  • create and configure storage accounts
  • generate shared access signature
  • manage access keys
  • implement Azure storage replication
  • Configure Azure AD Authentication for a storage Account

Module 6. Manage data in Azure storage

  • Export from Azure Job
  • import into Azure job
  • install and use Azure Storage Explorer
  • copy data by using AZCopy

Module 7. Configure Azure files and Azure blob storage

  • create an Azure file share
  • create and configure Azure File Sync service
  • configure Azure blob storage
  • configure storage tiers for Azure blobs

Module 8. Configure VMs for high availability and scalability

  • configure high availability
  • deploy and configure scale sets
  • Automate deployment and configuration of VMs
  • modify Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template
  • configure VHD template
  • deploy from template
  • save a deployment as an ARM template
  • Automate Configuration Management

Module 9. Create and configure VMs

  • configure Azure Disk Encryption
  • move VMs from one resource group to another
  • manage VM sizes
  • add data discs
  • configure networking
  • redeploy VMs

Module 10. Create and configure Containers

  • create and configure Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • create and configure Azure Container Instances (ACI)

Module 11. Create and configure Web Apps

  • create and configure App Service
  • create and configure App Service Plans

Module 12. Implement and manage virtual networking

  • create and configure VNET peering
  • configure private and public IP addresses, network routes, network interface, subnets, and virtual network

Module 13. Configure name resolution

  • configure Azure DNS
  • configure custom DNS settings
  • Configure a private or public DNS

Module 14. None Secure access to Virtual Network

  • create security rules
  • associate an NSG to a subnet or network interface
  • evaluate effective security rules
  • deploy and configure Azure Firewall
  • deploy and configure Azure Bastion Service

Module 15. Configure load balancing

  • configure Application Gateway
  • configure an internal load balancer
  • configure load balancing rules
  • configure a public load balancer
  • troubleshoot load balancing

Module 16. Monitor and troubleshoot virtual networking

  • monitor on-premises connectivity
  • use Network Performance Monitor
  • use Network Watcher
  • troubleshoot external networking
  • troubleshoot virtual network connectivity

Module 17. Integrate an on-premises network with an Azure virtual network

  • create and configure Azure VPN Gateway
  • create and configure VPNs
  • configure ExpressRoute
  • configure Azure Virtual WAN

Module 18. Monitor resources by using Azure Monitor

  • configure and interpret metrics
  • a analyze metrics across subscriptions
  • configure Log Analytics
  • query and analyses logs create a query
  • set up alerts and actions
  • Create and test alerts
  • View alerts in Azure
  • configure Application Insights

Module 19. Implement backup and recovery

  • configure and review backup reports
  • perform backup and restore operations by using Azure Backup
  • create a Recovery Services Vault
  • create and configure backup policy
  • perform site-to-site recovery by using Azure Site Recovery

Download Microsoft Azure Syllabus

AWS Technical Essentials

  • Introduction and History of AWS
  • AWS Infrastructure: Compute, Storage, Networking
  • AWS Security, Identification and Access Management
  • AWS Database
  • AWS Management Tools

Virtual Private Cloud

  • Introduction to Network Switches & Virtual Private Cloud
  • VPC & Subnets
  • Private and Public Subnets
  • Internet Gateways, VPC Peering & NAT Gateways
  • VPN Setup
  • IP Addressing in AWS

Elastic Load Balancing & Auto Scaling

  • Components and types of load balancing
  • Auto scaling and its benefits
  • Life cycle of auto scaling
  • Components and policies of auto scaling
  • Assignment - Configure Load Balancer, Auto scaling as per utilization in different situations


  • Introduction to Block & Object storage mechanism
  • Introduction to Elastic Block Store - EBS
  • EBS Snapshots
  • EBS Volume Types
  • Instance Store Volumes
  • Introduction to Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Features of S3
  • Storage Types
  • Static Website Hosting
  • Versioning
  • Life Cycle Policy
  • Cross Region Replication
  • Encryption
  • Basics of Athena
  • Introduction to EFS
  • Connect a drive via network
  • Share the drive among multiple servers

Amazon EC2

  • EC2 Overview
  • Amazon Machine Images(AMI)
  • AMI creation
  • Security groups
  • Key pairs
  • Assigning elastic IP address
  • Elastic IP v/s Public IP
  • Bootstrap Scripts
  • Overview of Amazon EBSEBS Volume intro
  • EBS vs Instance Store
  • Upgrading EBS volume
  • Management Tools Cloud
  • Trail Cloud
  • Watch Cloud
  • Formation Trusted Advisor
  • Assignment - Creating EC2, Various login ways from different OS, putty and putty keygen use, Assigning EIP, AMI assignment, Creating and restoring snapshot, snapshot to AMI, EC2Bootstrapping, Cloud formation & Cloud Watch assignments.

Identity & Access Management

  • Understanding the IAM Policies
  • IAM User, IAM Policy and IAM Role


  • Introduction to Relational Databases
  • Creating our first database structure in MySQL
  • Getting started with DynamoDB
  • Know about ElastiCache, Redshift

Domain Name System

  • Introduction to DNS
  • Understanding DNS Records
  • Introduction to Route53
  • Register a Domain using Route 53
  • Manage DNS Hosts

Serverless Computing

  • Serverless Introduction
  • Lambda
  • Setting up Server Auto Start with a Lambda Function
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • Host a Sample PHP website using Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Encryptions

  • AWS Security
  • KMS Overview
  • SSM Parameter Store
  • Could
  • HSM

Migration Service and Disaster Recovery

  • Database Migration Services
  • DataSync Overview
  • AWS Backups


  • Understanding CloudWatch
  • Setup Alarms for Matrix changes
  • Auditing AWS environment with CloudTrail
  • Schedule Event Rules using Target based services

-AWS Certification Exam Readiness Workshop Solutions Architect Associate Level

  • Testing center information and expectations
  • Examination Review and Structure
  • Content domains and query breakdown
  • Topics and concepts with content domains
  • Question structure and interpretation techniques
  • Post Class - Practice Exam Questions
  • 01 including the actual exam voucher

Download AWS Syllabus

Module 1: Overview Cloud & Google Cloud Platform

  • Cloud overview & Characteristics
  • Cloud Service Model (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS)
  • Cloud Deployment Model (Public, Private, Hybrid)
  • Google Cloud Plateform (GCP) Infrastructure Overview
  • Create GCP Account & Console Overview
  • Organizations, Folder, Project, Resource & Billing
  • Google Cloud Architecture Framework

Module 2: Virtual Machines

  • Compute Engine (VM): Types & Options
  • VM Instance Lifecycle & Common Operations
  • Machine Types & Compute Options (VCPU And Memory) In Compute Engine
  • Images & Snapshots
  • Disk Types: Local SSD, Persistent & Balanced

Module 3: Virtual Networks

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) & Types, Subnets
  • Ip Addresses (Public/Private), Nic
  • Routes & Route Table
  • Firewalls
  • Network Topology Options

Module 4: Cloud IAM

  • IAM Basic: Authentication, Authorization & MFA
  • Roles, Members, Service Account, Policy
  • Resource Hierarchy
  • Cloud IAM Best Practices

Module 5: Data Storage Services

  • Google Cloud Storage Overview & Structure
  • Storage Classes, Versioning & Lifecycle Policies
  • Cloud SQL For Database (MySQL, Postgresql and SQL Server)
  • Cloud Spanner: Fully Managed Relational DB
  • Cloud Datastore
  • Cloud Bigtable: NOSQL Big Data Service

Module 6: App Engine, Functions, Cloud Run

  • App Engine: Serverless Web Apps
  • App Engine Environments: Standard Vs Flexible
  • Cloud Functions: Events & Triggers
  • Cloud Run: Serverless Containers

Module 7: Resource Management

  • Cloud Resource Manager Overview
  • Quotas, Labels, Names & Billing

Module 8: Resource Monitoring

  • Stackdriver: Cloud Monitoring & Logging
  • Logging, Error Reporting, Tracing, Debugging

Module 9: Interconnecting Networks

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) & Its Types
  • VPC Peering (Public & Private)
  • Cloud DNS, Cloud Interconnect & Cloud Router

Module 10: Load Balancing & Autoscaling

  • Load Balancing Types: Internal, External, Global & Regional
  • Https, Network, SSL & TCP Load Balancers
  • Cross-Region and Content-Based Load Balancing
  • Autoscaling Policies & Configuration

Module 11: Google Kubernetes Engine

  • Microservices, Containers, Docker & Kubernetes
  • GCP Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Understand the Relationship Between Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Kubernetes Architecture : Clusters, Node, Node Pools, Pods, Services
  • Deploy & Manage Workloads on GKE

Module 12: Maintenance & Monitoring

  • Capacity Planning and Cost Optimization
  • Deployment, Monitoring and Alerting, And Incident Response
  • Monitoring and Alerting

Module 13: Cloud Migrations

  • Understanding Migration Used Cases
  • Understanding Migration Tools and Process

Download Google Cloud Platform Syllabus
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Cloud Computing com, which has a cloud computing platform. Google owns the most important data sets therefore this plays an enormous part for its machine acquisition models as they will train them with a lot a lot of knowledge than the other company, thus pushing the foundries for perfection and performance, as an example in analyzing images, written text, language and a lot more. Microsoft adheres to a number of the most attentive security and compliance standards within the globe. This technology is easy to use and wide available, with several IT giants absorbing massive chunks of the market share. Google Cloud permits situating code in Ruby or Node. These platforms enable organizations to share, store and access knowledge from anyplace. other choices like message push notification and content delivery are also provided by the AWS Mobile Hub. Google Cloud delivers server less analytics, permitting customers to stay their focus with modesty on analytics. Google Cloud Platform or GCP refers to a bunch of public cloud services that's gettable by Google to consumer enterprises. a number of the mandatory advantages are ease to use and maintaining the IT infrastructure and optimizing the operational price by pay per use payment model.

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138 Many regard the political forget of the Vidarbha place via way of means of successive State and Central governments as being answerable for the surprisingly modest monetary improvement of Nagpur. The early symptoms and symptoms are already present – fast urbanisation;a hundred and forty a growing `mall subculture`141 ; encouragement of entrepreneurship 142 and hobby from overseas and home investors143 . Km. via way of means of air, street and railway networks. Total populace of the district in keeping with 2001 census became 4068 Thousands out of which 2105 Thousands had been adult males and 1962 Thousands had been females. 139 Today, because of a aggregate of modified political will and progressive non-public enterprise, Nagpur is getting ready to fast monetary improvement. at the same time as the vicinity below the agricultural quarter is 9657. Of the entire populace, 1454 Thousands is living in rural vicinity and 2614 Thousands is living in Urban vicinity. In fact, it's miles the biggest town in a 500km radius and acts as an academic, fitness and buying and selling hub now no longer only for smaller towns and cities in Maharashtra, however additionally for the ones withinside the neighbouring states of Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh145 . In the phrases of vicinity, Nagpur district constitutes 3.

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