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Module 1: Introduction to NoSQL

  • What Is NoSQL?
  • Why NoSQL databases are required
  • Types of NoSQL Database
  • NoSQL vs SQL Comparison
  • ACID & BASE Property
  • CAP Theorem
  • Benefits of NoSQL databases
  • Installation
  • Start and Stop the MongoDB process

Module 2: MongoDB Architecture

  • Document, Collection, Databases
  • JSON and BSON
  • Storage Engines
  • Read Path
  • Journaling
  • Write Path
  • Working Set
  • Capped Collection
  • Oplog collection
  • TTL Index
  • GridFS

Module 3: CRUD Operations

  • MongoDB Data Types
  • Inserting, Update, Deleting the documents
  • Querying the documents
  • Bulk insert operation
  • Updating multiple document
  • Limiting documents
  • Filtering documents

Module 4: Schema Design and Data modeling

  • Dynamic Schema
  • What is Data modeling?
  • RDBMS and MongoDB Data modeling difference
  • Embedding Document
  • Reference Document

Module 5: Indexes

  • Index concepts in MongoDB
  • Types of indexes
  • Indexes and its use cases
  • Creating Indexes
  • Managing Indexes
  • Index strategies

Module 6: Database Administration in MongoDB

  • Database status
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Current Operations
  • Rotating log files
  • Users and Roles
  • Copy and Clone database
  • DB and Collection Stats
  • Explain plan
  • Profiling
  • Changing configuration files
  • Upgrading the database

Module 7: MongoDB: Backup and Security

  • Concept of backups
  • mongoexport/mongoimport
  • mongodump/mongorestore
  • Oplog backups
  • LVM Backups
  • Backups using MMS/Ops Manager
  • Purpose of security
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Role based access control

Module 8: Replication in MongoDB

  • Concept of replication
  • ReplicaSet member roles
  • Voting and Electing primary
  • Role of Oplog in replication
  • Read and Write Concern
  • Arbiter,Hidden and Delayed replica node
  • Priority settings
  • Replicaset nodes health check
  • Concept of resyncing the nodes
  • Rollbacks during failover
  • Keyfile authentication

Module 9: MongoDB Scalability

  • Concept of Scalability
  • Sharding concept
  • Shardkey and Chunks
  • Choosing shardkey
  • Sharding components
  • Types of Sharding
  • Balanced data distribution
  • Sharded and Non-sharded collection
  • Sharded Replicaset
  • Tag aware sharding

Module 10: MongoDB Monitoring and Other Tools

  • MMS Manager
  • Ops Manager
  • Mongo utility commands
  • Mongo developer tools
  • MongoDB Atlas
  • MongoDB client drivers

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MongoDB Internship/Course Details

MongoDB These operations when combined with further choices provide nice results. data sharding in MongoDB supports storing data across many machines to boost the performance of large-scale databases. It supports replication; if the first server goes down throughout a transaction, then the secondary server handles the transaction without human interaction. Relative databases have rigid schemes that limit flexibility with the data structure. Its NoSQL information works with knowledge very efficiently. built-in scaling may be a must-have feature of many organizations, as you adapt to an ever-changing market. working with MongoDB NoSQL information is much easier than in operation with any relational database. e. It stores knowledge in document format to alter any range of records, add or delete existing fields within the table. as a result MongoDB doesn’t have a strictly defined, consistent schema it's a document store database.

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