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Module 1: Introduction to Data Science

  • What is Data Science?
  • What is Machine Learning?
  • What is Deep Learning?
  • What is AI?
  • Data Analytics & it’s types

Module 2: Introduction to Python

  • What is Python?
  • Why Python?
  • Installing Python
  • Python IDEs

Module 3: Python Basics

  • Python Basic Data types
  • Lists
  • Slicing
  • IF statements
  • Loops
  • Dictionaries
  • Tuples
  • Functions
  • Array
  • Selection by position & Labels

Module 4: Python Packages

  • Pandas
  • Numpy
  • Sci-kit Learn
  • Mat-plot library

Module 5: Importing Data

  • Reading CSV files
  • Saving in Python data
  • Loading Python data objects
  • Writing data to csv file

Module 6: Manipulating Data

  • Selecting rows/observations
  • Rounding Number
  • Selecting columns/fields
  • Merging data
  • Data aggregation
  • Data munging techniques

Module 7: Statistics Basics

  • Central Tendency
  • Probability Basics
  • Standard Deviation
  • Bias variance Trade off
  • Distance metrics
  • Outlier analysis
  • Missing Value treatment
  • Correlation

Module 8: Error Metrics

  • Classification
  • Regression

Module 9: Machine Learning

  • Supervised Learning
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic regression

Module 10: Unsupervised Learning

  • K-Means
  • K-Means ++
  • Hierarchical Clustering

Module 11: SVM

  • Support Vectors
  • Hyperplanes
  • 2-D Case
  • Linear Hyperplane

Module 12: SVM Kernel

  • Linear
  • Radial
  • polynomial

Module 13: Other Machine Learning algorithms

  • K – Nearest Neighbour
  • Naïve Bayes Classifier
  • Decision Tree – CART
  • Decision Tree – C50
  • Random Forest


  • Perceptron
  • Multi-Layer perceptron
  • Markov Decision Process
  • Logical Agent & First Order Logic
  • AL Applications

Module 15: Deep Learning Algorithms

  • CNN – Convolutional Neural Network
  • RNN – Recurrent Neural Network
  • ANN – Artificial Neural Network

Module 16: Introduction to NLP

  • Text Pre-processing
  • Noise Removal
  • Lexicon Normalization
  • Lemmatization
  • Stemming
  • Object Standardization

Module 17: Text to Features

  • Syntactical Parsing
  • Dependency Grammar
  • Part of Speech Tagging
  • Entity Parsing
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Topic Modelling
  • N-Grams
  • TF – IDF
  • Frequency / Density Features
  • Word Embedding’s

Module 18: Tasks of NLP

  • Text Classification
  • Text Matching
  • Levenshtein Distance
  • Phonetic Matching
  • Flexible String Matching

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Artificial Intelligence Data Analytics is the pre-processing activity of AI. The ultimate goal of AI is to create machines that can learn, plan, and solve problems on their own. Live Project Sessions for hands-on learning. When it comes to acquiring and analyzing large analyzing of data to improve potency and personalization, AI is quite effective. . Connect to our artificial intelligence coaching in Mumbai to advance your career as an artificial intelligence engineer. Now and again, humans make blunders. These errors can have a significant impact, ranging from wasting money to putting a patient's life in jeopardy. Learn how to create efficient AI, self-sustaining systems, cutting-edge AI models, Deep Q-Learning, A3C, and much more. We do, however, have several successful applications.

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